Cephas Williams Award Nomination Needed

December 28, 2017 8:35 pm Published by

Cephas Williams Award


Intent:   The intent of the Cephas Williams Award is to recognize and     promote the investment of private Capital in the Streator Area.

Cephas Williams, the namesake of the award, established and operated a successful construction business. However, rather than investing the fruits of his labor in national or international business enterprises, Cephas Williams invested his profits within the community in the form of construction of buildings and the creation of new businesses there by enhancing property value and increasing employment opportunities. Specifically,

Mr. Williams invested in the construction of the Westgate Shopping Center, Williamsburg Condominiums and numerous other projects within the Streator Area. The Cephas Williams Award was established to reflect appreciation of and support for that type of spirit and commitment to Streator.


The award is not any of the following:

  1. A “Person of the Year” Award;
  2. An Award recognizing charitable contribution;
  3. An Award recognizing outstanding personal service to the Community;
  4. An “Outstanding Business person of the Year” Award.




While all of the above are commendable awards and recognized meritorious endeavors, they are not the focus of the Cephas Williams Award.

The Award will be presented at the Annual Dinner Meeting of the Streator Area Chamber of Commerce & Industry. The recipient of the Award is determined by a Committee of the Streator Chamber of Commerce & Industry ,Board of Directors appointed by the Board President. Nominations area first solicited from the Streator Chamber of Commerce & Industry Board. Upon receiving the nominations the Committee is assembled and reviews the nominations.


Selection Criteria:

  1. The amount of any of all investments made in the Streator Area by the Nominee.
  2. The quality of those investments
  3. Providing positive influence to encourage and cause the direct investment of private capital in the Streator Area


Deadline:  Friday March 2nd